Pop the bottle!

The iconic champagne pop...Open the bottle, it sprays all over, and I shoot away capturing a ton of fun images of you celebrating- it's a no-brainer right? Well, not exactly. Champagne bottles don't erupt like a science-fair volcano when you open them, and it's not something we commonly do, so it can be a little awkward.

Here's my "Champagne 101" crash course to ensure you get that classic image you're envisioning.

  1. Buy the cheap stuff. No really, get that bottle of Andre that is $7.99, in fact-buy two. You're not drinking it, so it doesn't matter how it tastes, and it doesn't hurt to have a back up.
  2. Do NOT shake the bottle before opening. I know what you're thinking, "Shannon, I need to shake it up and it'll spray all over!" It will, but you'll also be caught off guard and your face will reflect that in your images (hello closed eyes and faces you didn't know you can make).
  3. Open the bottle slowly. Part of what makes the cheap stuff so great is the screw top! It's much easier to open, and we don't have to worry about a cork hitting someone or breaking a window.
  4. Bottle placement. Do your best to keep the bottle around waist level so it doesn't block your face, keep your shoulders relaxed, and remember to have fun!
  5. 3...2...1...SHAKE! I'll count down for you, and then go against all intuition and shake that bottle and spray it towards me. Yes, towards me.